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When shopping for scissors, don't be fooled by cheap prices

I constantly hear stories about "fly-by-night" scissor companies that sell "high quality" scissors to stylists for $30-$60. You can find their shears at trade shows and online. These are either brands that no one recognizes (for good reason) or they…
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Cast or Forged?

The two main processes used in shear manufacturing are cast and forged. In the process of making a cast shear, liquid metal is poured into a mold and then allowed to harden. Forged shears are made from molten steel that's poured into a die and t…
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Washi in the News

Dennis Stokely is at it again! Making the world beautiful one gorgeous hairstyle at a time. Does he look familiar? Well he should! We've had the pleasure of working with Dennis before:  And....Action!. Here is the latest on what Den…
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