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New Gimmick in selling shears

Have you seen the company that is selling scissors for $149 or so and they tell you you that you never have to sharpen them because for only $39.99 you can send them in and receive a new pair. What do you think is going on here? Glad you asked. …
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Are you buying the best hair shears when you make payments?

Many hairstylists shopping for the best hair cutting shears are being enticed these days by purchasing shears via payments. This is helpful but buyer beware. One company is selling shears from $500 to over $1500. REALLY! What they are really selling…
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When shopping for scissors, don't be fooled by cheap prices

Selecting the best hair cutting shears? I constantly hear stories about "fly-by-night" scissor companies that sell "high quality" scissors to stylists for $30-$60. You can find their shears at trade shows and online. These are either brands that no o…
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