Washi in the News

Dennis Stokely is at it again! Making the world beautiful one gorgeous hairstyle at a time. Does he look familiar? Well he should! We've had the pleasure of working with Dennis before:  And....Action!. Here is the latest on what Dennis had to say about his experience using Washi shears:

"WASHI Shears are the best! I use them exclusively to create show-stopping haircuts. I love everything about them - how they fit in my hand, the weight, the precision-cutting of the blades and the great-looking design. I constantly get compliments from stylists and clients about my flawless haircuts. WASHI Shears is a big key to my success as a celebrity hairstylist."

- Dennis Stokely

About Dennis

Dennis Stokely is an accomplished freelance hairstylist that has worked with some of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. His elegant hairstyles have been seen by millions of people worldwide on the hit show American Idol, and on red carpets everywhere-including the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes. Of course such a creative and in-demand stylist needs the right tools for his innovative work. We had just the right tools for him from our Master Collection of shears.

Check out some of his brilliant work below.